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Restoration ASAP Ministries Inc Clients
Restoration ASAP Ministries Inc takes special care to design programs that provide the right solutions that exceed expectations. 

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
Mary Margaret Daycare
"Restoration ASAP Ministries Inc saved our jobs. We work at a daycare and we do not have health insurance . When we did not have the money to get our state required immunizations, we got help ASAP!  We cannot thank you enough for your intervention, but more importantly, we are employed because of you. Restoration ASAP Ministries Inc met our need when it mattered "                                   Debra, Infant Care
Resident of Friendly Village
"I have health insurance. As long as I was feeling ok, I didn't think I needed to use it. Restoration ASAP Ministries Inc  was on my block :Doc on the Block an arm of Restoration ASAP was providing free health screenings. I stopped for information and found I was in trouble.My blood pressure was sky high.
I was referred for emergency care . My life was saved on the block that day. I will never forget what you did for me and what you are doing for others"
                                                                                           Della, Retired
"Never thought I would need an intervention. The abusive relationship left me confused on just what to do and where I should go for help. Thank you Stiletto Warriors. You stood in the gap for me and now I have my life back" 

                                          Gayle, St Louis, Mo

Abuse Is Color Blind  

Restoration ASAP Ministries Inc
Random Call
"I was out of work and was feeling ill. I called Restoration ASAP and to my amazement, the referral I was given from diagnosis to treament...all I can say is, the cancer I did not know I had was caught in time"                                                   Joseph, Eureka, Mo.
Connecting People To Available Resources In Our Communities
"Thank you for agreeing to participate in Friendly Temple's 5th Annual Family Enrichment Conference. We were very excited that you are willing to share your gifts with us again .  
Our theme this year  Living Like You're Called".

          Family Enrichment Ministry Leader       
                Barbara Britton Jones
Thank You Clyde C. Miller Career Academy 80 Students Sign Up For Mentors and The Mentorship Program. Community We Need Your Help and Donations to Make It An On-going Success!
Call from St Louis to help with free or reduced services. 27 yrs old needing medical help.
Reasons funds are needed to help our families in need of medical care. Vandalia Mo.
"Thank you Diana Gamble for allowing God to speak through you. The meds were adjusted and my sister is doing much better. To God be the Glory"
Facebook post  from Annie Wilson