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One Word ASAP With Diana

Managing Me

by Diana Gamble on 03/09/19

Is Anger Sin?

We have all experience anger in some form, whether from a person or group.
How do you confront anger? How do you manage your own anger episodes. When does anger become the emotion that will promote change in others or yourself? When is anger beneficial?   
The show Saturday is designed for our youth. Too often our youth failed to realize anger is simply an emotion that must be put in its proper place.

Tune in on March 09, 2019 at 8:00 to and find options to either lead you to explode or explore the truth.

Promises Promises

by Diana Gamble on 01/20/18

Ever make a promise you could not keep? Ever make a promise you wanted to keep? Ever make a promise you had no intentions of keeping? In order to receive unconditional truth and how to keep promises, we must start with a foundation. Our foundation starts with Jesus Christ. Self evaluation is the key. Pulling back the layers we have laid mentally and spiritually in part reveals the truth about who we are. The real person. The one that people see, hear, and interact with. If you have the desire to change consider 3 factors: Time, Patience and Effort..

How do I receive God's Promises when in reality I don't keep my own promises. How do you trust God? 
Will God forgive me? 
What promises from God are in store for me?
Great questions!
Listen in and I will show to how to receive the promises given to those who will simply trust him. 
Join me tune in as I bring truths in God's Word on Saturdays at 8:00 a.m. on Jubilee 690 AM...Pray Without Ceasing  the Radio Show that will help us grow in His Love, Mercy, and Grace. 

I promise you your life will never be the same!   

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