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Put our expertise to work for you. At Restoration ASAP Ministries Inc, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to our communities.
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January 19,2013

Dear Diana Gamble,

On Behalf of the International Women's Leadership Assocation (The IWLA), it is my distinct pleasure to notify you that, in consideration of your contribution to family, career, and community, you have been selected as a woman of outstanding leader in Social Services.
We live in a demaning world! Women are challenged to balance their lives in and out of the home, the workplace, and in the community. These challenges require we establish meaningful resources that provide options without obligation, efficiency with effectiveness, relationships with reliability. 

These are aspirations of the IWLA; to inspire you to pursue personal and professional develpment, to surpass your own expectations, and support other women as they strive to do the same.

We extend our best to you throughout 2013 and beyond for all you do.

Beth Johnston

Executive Director


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