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Buy a teaching and help fund the outreach programs
                                            Update: $20,000.00 

From Meeting the Free Clinic's Goal To Continue Paying Co-pays For Those Who Simply Can Not Afford To Pay Them. We Are Asking 100 Partners to Donate $200.00 To Complete The 
Lee E. Clark DOC on the Block Free Clinic​. Restoration ASAP Ministries Inc's Open Door God's Way (our) Out-Reach is Receiving More Request Than We Can Handle. The need is Great.  
Your Donations Are All Tax Deductible and 100% Donated to go directly the Clinic. 
What a Wonderful Way to Give a Gift of Life All Season!

Thank you for your support and knowing you are blessing a community lacking health care is priceless.

                                                                                                                 I am Diana G
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