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Spotlight on Seeds Yielding Success!
Affectionately called "Man" he can break a car down and put it back together again. When he put his mind to the task, no job is too hard. I asked where he got his skill to fix cars. He replied, "In prison. It is hard landing a good paying job with my record and the wages most companies are paying cannot feed my family. So the skills I learned inside I put to good use. I still need extra income seems like it is never enough. Yet, I am grateful to the customers Restoration ASAP Ministries Inc, send my way. They also asked what were my most urgent needs. #1 with health care and an auto scanner. There are still a lot of health care co-pays and medical bills I cannot afford to pay and the scanner will help with diagnosing the problems and save time on the cars I work on. Thank you, it is unreal to talk to a ministry that is helping meet needs. My family can't thank you enough for what you are doing".
                                      William S. St. Louis, Missouri  

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Restoration ASAP Ministries delivered the auto scanner and the plan of Salvation on 12/30/15.
We found Man working on a car and to say the least he was surprised and grateful. Now our clients will save time and money when fixing their cars.